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A Commuter service operates between Galway to Oranmore and Athenry. Commuter trains also operate on shuttle duty for branches from the main InterCity services from Mallow to Tralee off the Dublin — Cork route and from Manulla Junction to Ballina off the Dublin — Westport route , as well as acting as InterCity trains for Dublin — Rosslare and some Dublin — Sligo services, and as the aforementioned Limerick — Limerick Junction — Waterford service.

The DART consists of many classes, the oldest and most famous one being the class which still operates, now extensively refurbished. The following is a simplified table of weekday off-peak services, various irregular calling patterns have been omitted for clarity. This operates both Railfreight trains and a network of road haulage through various distribution nodes throughout the country. The Enterprise route Dublin to Belfast is well regarded.

However, it is only double track and serves both local and intermediate Commuter as well as InterCity traffic. Hence any delay has knock-on effects. Also, there is limited platform availability at Connolly Station in Dublin. There was also a persistent problem with engine overloading, as Enterprise locomotives also supplied coach power. However, since September , additional power is provided by separate Mark 3 generator vans. Rolling stock on this route consists of Mark 4 trains, which were built in Spain, complete with DVTs for faster turn-around. These carriages are described by the company as the "Greenest diesel trains in Europe".

The former Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey TD had announced that an additional 51 railcars had been ordered for the company for a planned introduction on services between Dublin, Louth, and Meath.

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The service was taken over by Rail Gourmet in March DART services are running with all trains formed of cars, while 54 sets of 63 fleet of ICRs are committed to services with 56 required on Friday. The deal for the new vehicles is intended to include options for up to 40 further vehicles.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Rail transport in Ireland. State-owned enterprise Subsidiary. Operating income. Net income. Main article: Dublin Area Rapid Transit. Retrieved 1 July Archived from the original PDF on 20 December Retrieved 23 April Today's Railways. Platform 5. Current rail operators in Ireland. Transport in Dublin. It is paid a flat rate by the Department of Justice and Equality to provide 6, hours per month of surveillance. The firm's operators first introduce an investigative presence in any given area, without being operational, to establish to their own satisfaction the behavioural patterns of traffic in that area before they actually start taking photographs.

They can establish a general mean speed limit and the average speed of people travelling in any particular area, and then start operating proper surveillance. We have no direct, immediate input into what they do and the way they do it. I thought of a particular point before I came into the meeting. Jimmy Savile, who died recently, first came to major prominence more than 40 years ago when he was involved in the advertising campaign on the use of seat-belts - the "clunk, click" campaign.

It is amazing to us in the Road Safety Authority and presumably to committee members that more than 40 years later we are still trying to prevail upon people to use their seat-belts. It is particularly depressing to me to tell the Deputy that there were crashes so far this year, giving rise to fatalities. Of that number, 19 were not wearing seat-belts and died as a result. Of that 19, seven were ejected from the car because they were not wearing seat belts, either through the windscreen or through the back or side window, if the car rolled, and they ended up a considerable distance from the scene.

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Is it not extraordinary that all these years later, there are still people who resist the wearing of a seat belt on some spurious basis? It is a sad fact that some people do not, unfortunately, get the message or in getting the message, they refuse to take it. I am not sure I can satisfy the Deputy about the presence of speed cameras because they are a function of the Department of Justice and Equality and the Garda.

They are enforcing the law or are supposed to be doing so. Byrne for his excellent presentation. I congratulate him and the RSA on the excellent work they have conducted over the past five years in reducing road deaths. With regard to driver fatigue, tachographs are used to measure the hours driven by professional drivers.

Some European countries are examining a new geolocation system. Is that being examined by the authority? There seems to be resistance to using this in Europe because of potential breaches of data protection. With regard to driver fatigue for ordinary drivers, I know that if I do significant mileage or have a few late nights of driving, I do not drive as well as I could and I am conscious I must pull in to the side of the road and have a rest.

Is the issue highlighted enough? While we should focus on speeding, some people do not acknowledge that driver fatigue contributes to more accidents than previously thought. When people fail a driving test, they are on the road again quickly driving as if they passed the test. Is the authority considering curtailing the amount of driving such individuals can do? Driver fatigue is a very real problem. We have advertised fatigue fairly considerably up to the present date and we warn people, particularly on bank holiday weekends with all the other warnings, to watch out for fatigue.

We have gone through a long list of things people do to fight fatigue at the wheel.

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For example, they open the window to let fresh air in or they turn up the volume on the radio. There was one case where a woman attached her hair to the sliding roof of the car so that any time her head went forward in a sleep, she woke up because the hair was caught on the sliding roof. People do the most extraordinary things to fight fatigue and we have advertised again and again that the only thing one can do is pull in and take a snooze.

People are reluctant to do this. If possible and if one has coffee in the car, one should drink it because it kicks in after 15 minutes. When one wakes up after the snooze, one should walk up and down for a little while, have the coffee and then drive.

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That is the only action one can take against fatigue; nothing else works. With regard to professional drivers of articulated lorries and so on, we regularly mount roadside checks for tachograph compliance because the tachograph registers to what extent the driver of the truck has complied with the regulations regarding periods of rest, sleep, not driving and so on. That is why we take it seriously.

It is interesting that when the RSA started to get involved in the tachograph regulations, we discovered that nobody had done anything about them for the previous ten years at least. We are tackling that issue. I remind members that mounting a roadside check of HGVs is a dangerous undertaking.

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We do it in conjunction with the Garda and the Revenue. If one truck is in a line, they all have to be checked and, therefore, they all pull in together. Our engineering people check them for linkages, brakes, tachographs and so on, the Garda checks for tax, insurance and so on while the Customs and Excise officials check them for what they are carrying. It is a big check and as far as we are concerned, driver fatigue is a real and constant danger. We are introducing a certificate of professional competence for drivers at the behest of the EU.

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We are processing that at the moment and people are taking tuition in it. Part of the certificate involves teaching professional drivers, no matter whether they are taxi drivers, chauffeurs, bus drivers, van drivers or HGV drivers, how to cope in all kinds of situations, including dealing with fatigue. It is a tight operation. We warn people about the only thing one can do in the case of fatigue.

I suspect the Deputy is asking the question because there is a deep suspicion that many of the early morning single occupant crashes are caused by fatigue. We do not know in the case of the more recent ones whether it was fatigue or fatigue coupled with speed or whether those two coupled with alcohol was the reason. However, we believe that in many cases, fatigue coupled with speed is the cause. We treat this seriously and we have advertised about it.